Funde auf delicious fuer den Zeitraum März 15th bis März 18th

Links von delicious von der Zeitspanne März 15th bis März 18th:

  • Television Animation – If you are interested in TV- Animation take a look at from Jon Hooper and Steve Kellener. <br />
    "Television Animation<br />
    Some helpful information when dealing with television animation production. "
  • Effective Storytelling – a basic manual – "Effective storytelling is a fine and beautiful art. A well-developed and presented story can cut across age barriers and will hold the interest and reach its listeners. Stories will be remembered long after other orations. Knowing and applying the basics of storytelling will strengthen your stories." by Barry McWilliams – Introduction to Storytelling!<br />
    You are most welcome to copy and use this document! It is about 6 printed pages long. You might read some of the good books available on how to tell stories as well.
  • Microphone Round-up! (Visual Lounge) – I struggle with audio especially when I'm out of a controlled environment. I often like to make videos on the road at events – usually in a noisy conference hall with high ceilings. This is a less than ideal recording situation.<br />
    <br />
    So, I thought I'd round up a bunch of different microphones at work and compare them for you. Matt Pierce, the Training Manager, and I headed to our soundbooth and tested 6 different microphones. We used Audacity to record the audio at 44,100Hz. We tried to have as much consistency as possible, but we had to adjust the audio levels on each microphone. You will see in the screencast what level we recorded at. Also, I made the links a hotspot in the video, so you can click them if you'd like more info about the microphone. The screencast is short – running 1:30.
  • Making the Switch from Coda to Espresso – During the last of our IM discussions related to the theme upgrade, I told Preshit that I worked my bit of the upgrade entirely using MacRabbit’s Espresso. He was surprised, to say the least. Everyone knows me as a Coda fanboy, so did I ditch it just like that? I’ve always seen Espresso as sort of the underpowered in comparison with Coda. Coda is feature rich, has a splendid user interface, so why switch to something sub-standard? Lately though Coda has been showing its age, especially improvements in the world of HTML and CSS, and its user interface felt a little too heavy, given the current trend towards minimalism. Moreover, with Espresso’s 1.1 update, things were looking good for this new kid on the block. So I gave it a serious run-through by doing the theme upgrade entirely in Espresso.
  • Nilrog’s place – WP-Blog – Nilrog’s place – WP-Blog is a RapidWeaver pagestyle plugin that allows you to have a blog page that is powered by WordPress using stock RapidWeaver themes. It will only work with self-hosted WordPress blogs that resides on the same server as the main RapidWeaver site and not if you have a blog that is hosted at It is also NOT yet another blogging software that allows you to post to your blog from inside RapidWeaver. There are plenty of good software for doing that already.
  • Google-Ergebnis für – Kurze Lerneinheit zum Mindmapping! Vielen Dank an Alexander König.

Das Finden ist oft Gluecksache. Delicious macht aus zwei Augen viele. Wer zu den Themen etwas beitragen kann und will, der trete meinem Netzwerk bei. Wenn ich dann noch weiss, was andere begeistert, suche ich gerne mit.

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