Bookmarks for März 23rd through April 18th

These are my links for März 23rd through April 18th:

  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error
  • WiseMapping Open Source – In the last years, we have received hundred of mails from different persons asking for:<br />
    Integrating with their sites<br />
    Deploying a private instance of<br />
    Participating in the development of the site<br />
    All this make us wonder "Why if we share our product to all this people and invite them to participate with us in this journey ?" . Well, this is :)
  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error
  • Claudia Bremer’s Homepage – Material – Materialsammlung von Claudia Bremer zu verschiedensten Themen des e-Learning 
  • 30 Best Free iPhone 3G Photo – From the article: "Editing, enhancing or having fun with photos in your iPhone is not a dream anymore as the latest 3Gs iPhone is now furnished with an auto-focus mechanism taking 3 megapixel images. A look around the internet will show you rather decent photos taken by iPhone as people quit printing photos – who will when with a few taps, they can share theirs instantly."
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