Wieder ein Video zum Kontext von PreZenTation

I was a bit astonished, why i could’t have access to the one video, I often pointed out in diffrent informal situations: Authors @ Google Talk -> – Can you watch it? You are a lucky man. From Germany there is simply the disclaimer that there is some UMG content, which cannot be accessed from my country. I watched the video several times together with students, but i had no idea, which detail could be a reason for this. Its a bit confusing on how copyright and copyleft reaching completely different situations of your life. And I learn from this: Giving a presentation which could be covered over the net should contain content which is not

So finally for some fans of the PreZentation Idea of Garr Reynolds, which inspired a lot of people (including me) to think and focus more on what to say and how to package the own message instead to |:talk, talk and talk again 😐 there are some other sources to get the message. One here Opening keynote for Synergy in Las Vegas and one here  Opening keynote in Sweden for FBTB Design conference (June, 2009)

So I personally enjoyed this here, I want to share with you:

BTW, it’s good he has his own webspace here, so I could figure out all the diffrent sources 😉

Bis denne und ein frohes neues Jahr 2011 | … and a happy new year 2011


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