Can’t we get started a dialogue with this Students? – Replay

Sorry for crossblogging. But i guess it’s time for spreading this idea widely. So feel free to do it also.

Its about my an idea which came up at the AG-Podcasting-Team and therefore i will repeat this post here:

Miriam, freshly entered the AG Podcasting, was brainstorming about topics and possible activities in our podcast. As in most kick-off phase – every semester, when the AG Podcasting starts with new students on board, it’s time to present the genious fragment of the work of Bob Sprankles former class in Room 208. It still can be seen here. I often use this piece of digital memory as well ass reflection and or as motivation reasons.

About the context: It’s about Mr. S. and the students concept of podcasting in room 208 in a real school in a real class. Its done in 2006 an often I think about how maybe the student’s remember to this time.

But – back to our story. Miriam got the idea: Wouldn’t it be a cool idea to start something like a switch over podcast between future educators – educational scientists and nower students? That idea is as great as I can imagine. I promized to take this idea as a starting point to look out for potenital partners. As well as I got her point right my brain was buzzing and i decided to post this here, looking out for potential partners in far away regions for a collective developing story. So, who’s on board? Who is interested? tweet us under @bildungimdialog or got to our facebook-page here:

I guess it will be great to sharpen this rough diamond of an idea. Maybe one of the @earthcasters is interested? Or somebody out in the interverse, we didn’t hear about?

Bis denne (which means ciao)


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