100 % parted at two jobs, two Offices and not to forget the family = organizational challenge.

Sorry! For all who are waiting for: This is no complain!!! On friday last week, I started my second part-time job at the university of coblence. For this moment I waited long time. So from now on i’am shared between the virtual campus rhineland-palatinate and the institute for knowledge media (IWM) Koblenz. Thats a great feeling and I only can hope this feeling will last long. And I hope I will never have the feeling of beeing milled. Last but most important there’s also the family. Well my great one know know’s what it means, when her daddy is three days away to work. And I guess, she will learn to handle what it means, when he is back.

Observations what are the plus of organization? The first thing is deeply thinking about the work equipment. With deeply thinking i mean being concentrated during the packing when leaving the office one at tuesday evening and moving to K-Town on wednesday morning.  I swear it will soon result in two things: One is a standardized and approved packing list as well as collection of things, I had to buy twice, like VGA-Adaptors, Power-Cords etc. ;-). I would prefer, having the packing list earlier.

What favor can I tell about my first days in K-Town? Well my subjective view: Digging in a running project means to read, read and read a lot.  That’s what this picture can tell about. OK – So far next pictures of the „coblence office“ will be presented on monday.


And another pic – A view from outside:


Bis denne

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