Earth 2010 and the earthbridges' earthcast

At April 22th 2010 not only the disney company is encuraged in special activities. Also the earthbridges network will raise up their earthcast. But What is the erathcast? It is a 24 h live webcast around the world, where students all over the world aim to participate, and present their work in their native language.

The challenge is presenting it live. This means there is a need of producers and listeners. Producers in the sense of scholars articulating and producing the material. Listeners in the sense of people all aver the world aiming to listen to the live programm and participating in the various channels and possibilities of discussion and discourse. In this sense: What is the biggest value to the students work: Beeing recognized and understood.

So, if your are open for their words as a listener take a look at the
If you want to produce something with your class / group of students / scholars or participate anyhow: Enter the planning wiki here:

Bis denne

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