Future podcast episode in progress prospective to the technical needs

Via Flickr by ©© pchow98

Via Flickr by ©© pchow98

It is the second attempt to this topic and there was a need to delay it because of our small budget of time. But it should be done. I think a glance behind the scene to the basic and back to the technicals should enrich the understanding and discussion.

What is the main aim of this episode? As far as it is thought through this episode should take the perspective of an institution, which is itself willing to enrich the teaching and learning with moden and social media. How should the infrastructure be planned? How Should it be designed scalable? What are the experiences by a state of the art now? Which limitations are common, expectable and resolvable? What are the security issues, you are dealing? What are the barriers?

I know this is a bunch of questions. And there are the two main directions: Hosting the data by your own or delegate those progress to outstanding services.

But at least, if you feel  enabled to enrich this with your questions or some approaches of answers feel through this lines a warm welcome to participate. Simply drop a line at ag_podcasting (at) bildungimdialog. de and be sure to be recognized.

It is also in our mind to embed an interview with our server sponsor and experts about this topic and we will make sure, we ask your questions and be as good as possible on the line of your interest.

So far


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