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Preword: It seems to be dificult to get a proper translation of the in German scientific language set fixed word „Pädagogisches Handeln“ so i think it is worth to set it in advance as the „do’s“ of somebody who is active on his pedagogical od educational profession. Even the difference of paedagogical and educational is fixed in different cultures and contexts. There is a difference. So beside those language problems, please see in the following the educator as a profession – not only in the field of school – even also in the field of adult education, or HE.

Educational action will be the first topic in my next challenges which are waiting for me. So what inspired me to go into the deep of this field? Now it was alec’s blog post – where he described his understanding of educational action under the title of Visualizing Open / Networked Teaching. For me it was a good starting point to reflect the challenge of „educational action“ related to the field of social, opened and networked learning. In addition there is a nice essay/book from Hermann Giesecke „Pädagogik als Beruf“ (Education as profession), where are described basic forms of educational action. This book first published in 1987 opens an systematic overview ad reflection about educational practice – the field and profession of educational action.

As far as the discussion at alec’s blogpost grows, i got into thinking about one point, which grows up to get important for me. Acting educationally, so Giesecke, means beside other facetts two main things: First beeing embedded in actions like a) to teach b) to inform c) advice/consult d) arrange e) animate and the second to reflect the teaching, the informing, the given advices, the arrangements, the animations. So depending on the focus of the practice field of how you use the technology you are either in the action or reflection or maybe both? For this it is getting interesting, where to ground technologies called „tools for teaching and learning 20″ would enrich the potentials of acting educationally. The second interesting thought related to this is: To whom are the actions directed? To the peers in class/group? Is there an extention to potentially everybody who is interested? Thats the suggestion of the broken walls, we got from alec’s visualisation. And in fact it seems to be an observation, that many tools are bridging in their use from the classroom to the outside.
Going back to Giesecke(89 – but also in the latest edition 2007) – there is one problem which schould be in mind before. Before he is describing the educational action in its basic he determines by definition the educational situation – field – room where they can take place. Very interesting he defines them only as face to face situations – only as institutional based – in contrast to other professions and self understandings. Puuh! Will be hard to get an clear discurse! Any suggestions? Does acting educationally in general means to act under the premisses of the directives of an teaching and learning institution? Only in educational situations? What would this mean for other fields, like self-directed-learning, distcance-learning, even e-learning?
Any ideas about this? (No fear i have also some, but would be happy about additional input there :-)

Bis denne
Andreas Auwärter

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