Could use of social media help to make a better world?

It is a great term – helping to make a better world. It is a great dream also. But with this post I want to reflect some ethical statments taking the students view on how use of social media could enrich society and so in conclusion could make a better world.  Maybe they are provocative. If you feel provocated – use the trackbacks or the command line 😉 The leading numbers are not the symbols of importance, they following the order thoughts gained up.  

1. Learn to say „thank you“.

When did you feel to say thank you? You should – and using social media you are enabled. And you are doing it. It is common, f.E. if you are using cc free music to drop a line to the artist – where you used this and how to use it. If any thought on any blog brought you to a new view – to drop a comment and tell how you handle with this. Maybe it is not a „thank you“ in the first glance. But in effect it is a „thank you“ to the author – which makes him proud. 

2. Learn to respect.

All about the digital right discussion had bad and evil things brought up. But there is another part raising. Even if you are inside to develop social media content – you are inside the work progresses – you are on board and able to see how much work has been related to those you are viewing, hearing, recieving. You are enabled to respect others work. Going on from this point you are just doing what is the expression of this respect: You root the work to the genuin owner of thoughts. Maybe by setting a trackback, maybe by setting a link. This is your way to respect which is your and which is others work in progress. And producing yourself you wanna be respected too. And are also enabled to learn that not all people on the web are in respect. You know what could happen if this gaines up. And you will have to think how to react, when you’ll felt respect-less regarded.  

3. Learning crossing borders.

I think this is the first thing which raises up your thoughts.  You are not lone. Usually it doesn’t take a long time, you will feel other peoples have a glance on what you are doing. This means in fact: Your opinion has a value. And you learn that it is a hard way beside all misunderstandings to take a shared opinion. You always have the chance to get influenced by others opinions in to ways: Reflecting yours on your view of truth, or try to explain yours in better words. But crossing borders leads you also to broader things. You are public and doing so you will cross borders of cultures. You will reach people all over the world. Some MashUps are exactly for this – get an overview from where people will go on your social media. It is a great feeling crossing cuntries and crossing continents by sharing your thoughts – your opinion or what you are willing to share. 

4. Learn to ask.

Can you imagine that it could be better to ask than post an opinion? Can you imagine how difficult work is inside getting the right questions at time? But when you are enabled to ask you will receive different answers – all related on something which maybe near the truth. You can try to get your view of the world in a question? Yes and you are honest if you do so – so others will take two messages: First your opinion and second: the chance to participate. 

5. Learn to connect. 

There is so much you can make right getting stepwise in communities. Flattened hierarchies allow you feeling as person and not as part in a social wheel. You will be able to learn how to move inside the communities and you will learn the difference and variety of speeches and language codes which are used. For sure you will also learn to say sorry if anything went wrong. 


So far my 2 cents. Any discussion about this? Suggestions to my thoughts? Additions?  Feel free to take part! :-) Comment Fireline is open for you now!

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