Must hear instead of must read

Schon Sounds of the Bazaar 13 gehört? Nicht? Dann wird es aber Zeit. Eine Stunde geballte Kraft des Wortes! :-) Ein Feuerwerk an Inspirationsquellen, die Graham Attwell darbietet:

Zu Gast in dieser Show jede Menge an bekannten Namen:

In the first of the On-line Educa special editions, Stephen Downes talks about changing ways in which we are using the internet for learning. Vijay Kumar from MIT and Toru Iiyoshi from the Carnegie Foundation discuss how the development of Open Education can improve quality. And Seb Schmoller explains the background to the Association for Learning Technology’s accredited member scheme. And Web site of the month features the UK Jisc Emerge community. Plus, I talk about future plans for Sounds of the Bazaar. And there is our usual musical interludes with a series of new jingles. (Quelle Shownotes von Bazaar 13)

Außerdem: Ein neues Interationsangebot des Bazaar Project: Bazaar Unplugged — alles sehr spannend und hörens-, und nachdenkenswert!

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