Earthcast09 – The kickoff – are you fearless?

There is a small group of active and fearless educators currently involved in the activities around earthcast09, an well organized webcasting marathon lasting 24 h and around the globe. So I would  point you on this event because it needs 2 things: listeners on the April 22nd and participants. In Brief the Mission: As a result of the last years earthcast event a small but open group of earthcasters assembled around the topic and activities aiming to plan and organize the this years event. We called ourselves Earthbridges. All the basic informations can be found on the Earthbridges Webpage. Also the Mission Statement:

„Earthbridges aims to initiate, enable, and aggregate global community conversations where participants share, collaborate and take action on the issues that will (bring us closer to) make environmental sustainability a reality.“

So there will be a lot of creative work and the most important: „Students- work“ webcasted during this 24 hours. Following the planning wiki, where you can access over the earthbridges Website you will se a growing list of time-slots – students and teachers all over the world claim their participation. So if you feel fearless also, give your students the opportunity to participate, by taking one hour or less in this WebcastAthlon. What is the benefit? For sure in this scenarios are a lot of educational benefits. But I would answer with my own learning moments of this challenge: It is an awesome and fascinating progress you and your students can join exploring in a global progress and topic together with students of all age ranges the topic of earth – feeling timezones, cultural differences, different and unfiltered views on one aim. If the sentence of the global village or flattened world needs an example – there is a good one. Or can you grow up one, where students can chat with experts from Mexico, Canada, Portugal, UK and last but not least the United States??

Finally feel free to join this activity – we are open to everything related to the topic. To get the real global feeling there is the need to cover some more languages and continents. And Earthcasters of the past year: Please give some feedback on your learning moment! 😉

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